General information

Discus Balance is a premium quality, softly bounded frozen food, specially adjusted to the feeding habits of Discus.

  • This new formula is an upgraded formula of our current Discusfood and will therefore also replace the existing formula.
  • Discus Balance is made from only fresh, top quality ingredients like beef heart, spinach, mussels, bloodworms, fish eggs, …
  • Contains spirulina algae to enhance the natural colors and fresh garlic to improve the resistance against parasites.
  • Successful breeding guaranteed.


Beef heart, spinach, mussels, bloodworms, fish eggs, garlic, spirulina

Packaging details

1500007, Discus Balance, blister of 100gr

1574407, Discus Balance, flatpack of 454gr


Did you know?

Calcium absorption in Discus depends on the available phosphorous.

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