General information

Substrate fertilizer for new tanks. Ideal to prepare the substrate for the addition of plants, just as one would do for garden plants. Before adding the substrate, sprinkle the Starter powder on the bottom of the tank. It contains all the necessary elements to encourage growth and development of aquatic plants. After a few months, start using Giovanni’s Fertil Caps. A complete jar (200g) is sufficient to treat the bottom of a tank with a surface of 60x40cm to 80x40cm.

  • Ideal substrate conditioner for planted tanks.
  • Contains all the elements necessary to facilitate proper growth and development of aquatic plants.
  • Includes clay, natural marine algae extracts and growth promoting amino acids.
  • Entirely natural product, free of nitrates or phosphates.
  • Nutrients remain available to the plants for a long time.


Potassium (K), Magnesium (Mg), Sulphur (S), Calcium (Ca).

Packaging details

1026030, Starter, jar of 200gr


Did you know?

Calcium regulates transport of other nutrients into the plant and is also involved in the activation of certain plant enzymes.

  • Could be used for these groups of fish

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