General information

Whole live Artemia that were quickly frozen with our “flash-freezer” resulting in whole animals and a minimum of nutrient leaching into the aquarium water.


Artemia sp.

Packaging details

1500006, Artemia, blister of 100gr

1574406, Artemia, flatpack of 454gr

1579706, Artemia, flatpack of 907gr


Did you know?

In natural conditions Artemia feed on bacteria, algae and small detritus.

Can frozen food go straight in the tank?

Yes it can. Our products are well rinsed prior to be flash-frozen. Once the frozen animal hits the water it will defrost very quickly and will spread evenly in the tank.

Why should I feed my fish with frozen feeds?

There are several reasons why we recommend to use our frozen feeds. The flash-freezing process avoid crystals forming in the prey so the animal does not get damaged by the freezing process. What you get is the prey in its natural form. One thing is for sure, frozen food is the next best thing compared to live food. The freezing process ensures that most of the goodness in the food is preserved. Our range and packaging offers great versatility and variety.

My artemia culture failed to hatch. Are there any other alternatives to feeding artemia nauplii?

It has happened to the best of us and you know what the old saying is “never put all your eggs in the same basket”. First of all before setting up your artemia hatchery make sure that all the basics are respected. Is the salinity correct? Is the pH OK? Do I need to buffer my pH? Are my cyst properly stored? These are all variables that can easily be avoided. In general, it is a good idea to start two cultures with a couple of hours delay between each culture. Should one fail, you’ve got a back-up plan. We do have an off the shelf solution which is just as good as the real thing. It’s called the instant baby brine shrimp. This product has brilliant buoyancy properties that will fool any prey. The Instant Baby Brine Shrimp is an ideal extra to any invertebrate tank. Other products such as our frozen Cyclops and red plankton also work successfully.

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