General information

Top performance larval diet with high digestible energy. Nutritional complete food for young Betta fry that will help promote fast growth, optimal development and disease resistance. High protein content, and highly attractive to the fry. Free floating crumbles ready for use from day 3 till the end of the first month. After this we advise the use of Betta PRO to sustain further growth. Finally, breeding Betta made easy. This food has been extensively tested and is the off the shelf option to raise your fry. Fry raised with a combination of Betta Starter and Betta PRO have outperformed any other diet in terms of fry survival rate and size of the adult Betta. The Bettas grow bigger without getting fat. Feed according to fry age and density twice a day from day 3 to the end of the first month. One spoonful contains enough food for about 300 fry at day 3.

  • High protein content from refined origin.
  • High HUFA (Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids) and phospholipid content. High Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio. Contains Vitamins A3, D3, E and C.
  • Highly attractive for the fry.
  • Excellent water stability, reduced sediment in the tank.
  • Free-flowing floating crumbles.


Fish and fish derivatives, cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, algae, yeasts, lecithin, antioxidants

Guaranteed analysis

Protein 55.0 %
Fiber 1.9 %
Fat 9.0 %
Ash 14.5 %
Moisture 8.0 %

Packaging details

1009325, Betta Starter, jar of 12gr


Did you know?

Vitamin C is essential in the formation of collagen (fibrous component of bone).

Do fish need to be fed on a daily basis?

Your fish can be fed everyday just make sure there is a lot of variation in their diet. However, as our fish are contained in a relatively small environment and to avoid obesity it is generally accepted that a 1 day a week starve is a good idea. Of course, this theory should not be applied for breeders and tanks full of juvenile fish. Starving juvenile fish will have irreversible effect leading more often to deformed or stunted fish. This is particularly true for discus (small discus with out of proportion eyes).

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