General information

Lance fish are small, elongated fish that occur naturally in large schools in shallow sandy areas. They are a natural well-balanced meal for predator type carnivorous fish. They are collected and immediately fresh frozen to maintain all of the available nutrients.


Hypomesus sp.

Packaging details

1500029, Lance Fish, blister of 100gr



Did you know?

Lance fish are found in large schools in shallow waters.

Can frozen food go straight in the tank?

Yes it can. Our products are well rinsed prior to be flash-frozen. Once the frozen animal hits the water it will defrost very quickly and will spread evenly in the tank.

Why should I feed my fish with frozen feeds?

There are several reasons why we recommend to use our frozen feeds. The flash-freezing process avoid crystals forming in the prey so the animal does not get damaged by the freezing process. What you get is the prey in its natural form. One thing is for sure, frozen food is the next best thing compared to live food. The freezing process ensures that most of the goodness in the food is preserved. Our range and packaging offers great versatility and variety.

My stone fish will only eat live fish, what can I do to get him to take ‘dead’ prey?

Live fish are often distributed to predatory fish for the thrill of it. In this day and age, this practice should not be encouraged. It is not only cruel but also a potential risk to the predator himself buy indirectly introducing diseases carried by the prey. One needs to ‘wean’ the fish off live food by fooling the predator. By using our feeding prong you’re one step in the right direction. However, the feeding prong is not a magic wand and it might take a little practice before you get it right. The advantage of our feeding prong compared to other models on the market is that it is made out of clear plastic and as good as invisible underwater. It is also flexible which allows you to recreate some kind of swimming motion. Ideal products to use with the feeding prong are: lance fish, whole mussels, whole cockles , whole krill superba.

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