General information

The ever increasing popularity of freshwater shrimps in the aquarium hobby through nano and planted aquaria inspired us to create a staple diet for these invertebrates (Caridina, Neocaridina, etc…). These highly attractive wafers (+/- 2.3mm) have been carefully sized for freshwater shrimp, encouraging their fascinating feeding antics. Once distributed, shrimps will gather in the feeding area. Contains a high percentage of Spirulina to improve coloration and disease resistance. Feed 1 to 2 wafers per shrimp per day.

  • Careful sizing encouraging natural feeding behavior (see picture).
  • The wafers provide all vitamins, minerals and proteins the shrimps need. They contain high levels of Spirulina.
  • Easily digestible, the protein content is appropriate for shrimps.
  • These sinking wafers can easily remain in the water for over 24 hours without disintegrating.
  • Does not cloud the water.


Wheat flour, fish meal, broken rice, soybean meal, brewers yeast, salmon oil, kelp meal, wheat gluten, spirulina, krill meal, lecithin, minerals, vitamins (ascorbic acid (vitamin C), alpha-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), pantothenic acid, pyridoxine (vitamin B6), folic acid, retinol (vitamin A), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), biotin, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), menadione sodium bisulfite (vitamin K3)), amino acids, preservatives (calcium propionate, potassium sorbate).

Guaranteed analysis

Protein 34.2 %
Fiber 4.0 %
Fat 4.0 %
Ash 9.0 %
Moisture 9.6 %

Packaging details

1009600, Shrimp Wafers, jar of 15gr


Did you know?

By using shrimp wafers you can recreate fascinating feeding behavior of the shrimps.

What fish can I feed wafers to?

Our Algae wafers are specially formulated for herbivorous species such as Ancistrus type of fish. Our Tropical wafers target omnivorous fish such as loaches and catfish. Shrimp wafers are a direct result of the increase in popularity of freshwater shrimps in nano- and planted aquarium.

Why feed wafers?

The diet of bottom dwelling fish has often been neglected because of the misconception that these ‘cleaners’ eat the leftovers of the feed not picked up by the top dwelling fish. This often results in irreversible damage caused by malnourishment in common species of Corydoras and loaches.

How much food do I need to give my fish?

Once again, fish are opportunistic feeders. However, it isn’t because the fish rise to the surface of the tank each time one walks buy that one needs to feed them. The importance lies in the quality rather than the quantity. Contrary to popular belief, fish don’t need to eat as much as we think and there are several reasons for this. First and foremost fish unlike us don’t need to spend much energy in fighting gravity as they evolve in a three dimensional environment. Second reason is that fish are cold blooded animals and don’t spend any energy unlike us to keep warm. Third reason is that humans spend lots of energy in producing urine fish just produce ammonia. But last and not least, our fish evolve in an artificial environment however large the tank may well be.

How often should I feed my fish?

This is of course the million dollar question. Fish are by nature opportunistic feeders. Meaning that they will feed on whatever they can find. There is no clear cut answer here. A general guideline for feeding flakes and pellets is feed as much as your fish will eat in 2-3 minutes. The key is to feed little but often. This is not only very important for the digestion of fish but also allows the filter to cope easily with any uneaten or undigested food. Wafers on the other hand take longer to be consumed and algae can be grazed upon all day.

What are wafers?

Wafers are disc shaped pellets designed to specifically meet the needs of bottom dwelling fish species. They reduce competition with top dwelling fish species at feeding time because they sink quickly to the bottom and are too hard to eat by top dwelling fish. Made from the best ingredients available, the wafers will appeal even to small nibbling species. Unlike flakes, it can take a while before wafers are totally consumed by bottom dwelling fish, which is why they are specially formulated not to cloud the water.

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