General information

Slow sinking crumbled food (size 0,5 - 0,8mm), scientifically formulated with select natural ingredients. Recommended for small freshwater tropical fish and to raise young freshwater tropicals. Feed 1 to 3 times daily. Do not feed more than can be eaten within a few minutes.

  • A nutritionally complete, highly attractive daily diet for small freshwater tropical fish.
  • Enriched with krill and natural carotenoids for super color enhancing properties.
  • With increased vitamin levels, immunostimulants and garlic to improve the resistance against parasites.
  • Formulated and tested by aquaculture biologists. Does not cloud the water.


Fish fillets, wheat gluten, krill, wheat flour, squid, lecithin, refined fish oils, yeast (ß-glucans), marine algae, garlic, betaine, vitamins (retinol (vitamin A), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), menadione (vitamin K3), thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), cobalamin (vitamin B12), l-ascorbic acid phosphate (vitamin C), niacin (vitamin B3), biotin (vitamin H), choline (vitamin B4), inositol (vitamin B8), folic acid (vitamin B11)), sorbic acid, citric acid, minerals, antioxidants, carotenoid pigments

Guaranteed analysis

Protein 56,0 %
Fiber 0,4 %
Fat 12,0 %
Ash 8,9 %

Packaging details

1008800, Community Formula Crumbles, jar of 75gr

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